IGDI Measures

Administration of IGDI assessments generally involves conducting a 6-minute play session with the child involving a familiar adult as play partner with play centered around the toys that are standardized for each specific IGDI. The session should take place in a relatively sheltered, but convenient setting with few distractions present.
Two options for IGDI administration

  • Option 1: Two adults in the role of familiar play partner (usually the assessor) and a live recorder of the child’s communicative behaviors.
  • Option 2: One adult in the role of familiar play partner who additionally sets up and videotapes the session for the purpose of later recording the child’s communicative behaviors from the tape.

Using either option, the assessor times the session for exactly 6 minutes. A digital timer capable of recording minutes and seconds is required.

During the session the play partner follows the child’s lead during play and comments on the child’s actions and words to encourage the child’s communication. Assessors do not take the lead, rather they support with encouragement the child.

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