Are IGDIs Right For Me?

  • If you are looking for a strategic (a leading indicator) not comprehensive measurement that charts an individual’s progress; that is brief and quick to administer, provides trend lines that allow us to see growth (not just a snapshot in time), and provides benchmarks to help decide when a child is or is not progressing or responding to an intervention, then…….
  • YES! IGDIs are right for you.
  • But the more important question might be……..
  • What can IGDIs do for the children I serve?

  • Provide a way to easily and frequently monitor a child’s progress on critical early developmental domains
  • Provide a clear way to view a child’s progress
  • Provide a visual to see if interventions put in place are having an affect
  • Provide an easily explainable way to show parents their child’s progress
  • Provide reports for a classroom, caseload, or entire program