ECI Toys

The House and Barn are considered “standard” play toys for the ECI, having been validated in the ECI’s initial development. The ECI normative data represent children’s communication in these two contexts.

Since development, however, Fisher-Price has made the Barn and House “sound” toys. When using these toys for ECI assessments, remove all batteries and use the toys without sound. We have found that children tend to communicate less when playing with toys that make sounds.

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Fisher-Price Barn and House

See the ECI administration instructions for complete information about using the toys during an observation, and how to modify the toys for children with sensory impairments.

ECI Toy Purchasing Information

All of these toys can be purchased at online stores such as Amazon. The tables below contain links to the toys in various online stores. Alternatively, you may go to one of the online stores listed in the table below and type the name of the toy into the store’s “search” field. Other stores may also sell these toys, but these were the most popular stores that had them in stock as of our last check. If you have problems finding them at the stores listed, search for them at Google or by typing in the toy name in the website’s search fields.

‘Hairy’ Farm Animals: When you purchase the Animal Sounds Farm, please be sure that you get the version that has animals without real ‘hair.’ These animals cannot be properly sanitized and may pose a health risk if several different children use them. The Fisher-Price link in the table below should take you to a toy set that has the appropriate animals, or you can purchase the Kiddieland Farm as an alternative. If you do purchase a farm with ‘hairy’ animals, you can replace the animals with items from the Replacement or Additional Items table.

Warning: Children will often explore toys by putting them in their mouth. So, it is always important to maintain close supervision of young children (birth – 3 yrs) when playing with these and any toys to avoid potential choking hazards. Also, be sure to inspect all toys before and after they are used and discard broken, chipped, or loose pieces, torn or damaged material, and any other pieces with potentially harmful defects.

All price estimates are based on our current records. Prices may vary depending on manufacturer sales and retailer markups or discounts.

The Farm and House

Purchase them online by clicking the link in the right column.
Toy Includes… Purchase Online Approximate Price
Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm Farmer, cow, sheep, horse, pig, chicken, food cart, rooster Fisher-Price Store



Fisher-Price Little People Busy Day Home (Blue or Pink) 3 people, bed, table, 2 chairs, stroller, play center  Fisher-Price Store




Additional Items

These items can be used to complement the Barn or House to make them more appealing to children who may need more variety, or who prefer more culturally diverse toys. Most of these toys are not currently available in stores, so they must be purchased online using the links in the right column.
Toy Includes Purchase Online Approximate Price
John Deere “Animal Sounds” Hay Ride Tractor, 1 person, 4 animals Amazon


Little People Tow ’n Pull Tractor Tractor, boy, piggy, cow Fisher-Price Store


Fisher Price Little People Melody the Minivan Baby, mom, stroller Amazon $25-30
Little People Sonya Lee with Tractor and Cow set 1 girl, 1 cow, 1 tractor Amazon $15
Little People Baby Farm Animals and Stable 3 animals, 1 stable Amazon $10