IGDI Costs

Currently, the only costs associated with IGDIs are those needed to certify staff to score and administer IGDIs (see below), and to purchase the toys.

Training costs depend on the number of IGDI measures you want to use (along the left side of the table below) and the number of people to certify (along the top). These costs do not include trainers’ travel and lodging. Most training workshops can be completed in about six hours, but this also depends on the number of measures and staff being trained.

See our training description to learn how our training works, or contact us for specific questions and to setup a training.

Cost by Number of People Certified

# of Measures

1-5 6-15 16-25 26+


$600 $800 $2000 Negotiable


$650 $1700 $2100 Negotiable


$700 $1800 $2200 Negotiable


$750 $1900 $2300 Negotiable